CASTO Chapter #15

                     Welcome to CASTO Chapter #15
Representing North San Joaquin Valley
This website is designed to provided information for CASTO members, as well as, all that is interested in pupil transportation.

CASTO exists for several reasons:

  • First and foremost, to promote safety for school pupils in a variety of ways.
  • To influence other groups and organizations to join with us in providing safety for school pupils.
  • To guard against the efforts to take the easy way out, lower standards and increase hazards and risk for children.
  • CASTO is an organization dedicated to decreasing the danger and making the world a better, safer place to live for school pupils.
  • CASTO was founded in 1968 to promote safe pupil transportation for all California children.
  • We are dedicated to the safety of all children through education and training in every avenue of transportation.
  • CASTO is recognized by State and Federal agencies and other professional organizations as the leader of school transportation safety in California.
  • Almost every County in the State of California has a separate Chapter. Some Chapters are shared between Counties.

Our Mission
The mission of CASTO is to provide leadership and educational opportunities to the passenger transportation community, that results in the safest, most cost effective transportation through professional development,public awareness, legislative, and regulatory advocacy.

Our Belief

  • Excellence is enhanced by team effort.
  • Higher expectations promote higher results.
  • Education is a learning process that provides opportunity for achievement.
  • All individuals have value.
  • Uncompromised honesty, integrity and trust strengthen an organization.
  • In open communication and individual access in an organization.
  • That a safe environment contributes to the heath and well being of all individuals.